OceanBase provides solutions that support customers' full life cycle business requirements, from system upgrade solution to big data real-time analytics solution. OceanBase is dedicated to help customers across industries succeed.

oceanbase database

Multi-Scenario General OLTP

Auto Scaling | High Performance | Cost Effective
OceanBase adopts a next-generation distributed architecture and provides high scalability and strong performance, with low costs.
oceanbase database

Real-time Analytics

T+0 HTAP | Multi-model Support
OceanBase uses one set of data for both OLTP and OLAP tasks, with a reliable resource isolation mechanism, which avoids ETL process.
oceanbase database

Database Consolidation

Resource Pooling | Manageability | Cost Optimization
OceanBase's distributed multi-tenant architecture realizes resource pooling while ensuring resource isolation and improving utilization effciency.
oceanbase database

Multi-cloud Architecture

Multi Cloud | Hybrid Cloud | Unified Management
OceanBase supports multi-cloud, cross-cloud, or hybrid cloud deployment, so that you can choose the best cloud infra that fits your business.
oceanbase database

Cold Data Archiving

Cost Effectiveness | Large Storage Capacity
The intelligent archive database solution helps users quickly archive cold data with reduced costs.
oceanbase database

Database Scaling

Ultra-low Costs | High Efficiency
Real-time high concurrency, multi-level elastic scaling with minimum cost implementation for massive online promotions.
oceanbase database

Database Active Geo-redundancy

Fast Recovery | Zero Data Loss
High availability architecture to support the core business scenarios with fast recovery, and zero data loss.