OceanBase Helps easypaisa Implement Efficient O&M of a Large Cluster

  • Capacity isolation multitenant and multiserver architecture

Launched in 2009, easypaisa is Pakistan’s first mobile payment platform and the country’s only GSMA certified mobile money service, currently boasting approximately 20 million users.


OceanBase achieves high-efficiency O&M in large cluster mode through flexible deployment mode and the multitenant architecture with automated nodes provisioning, management and scaling.

Background and challenges

  • In early stages of site creation, the challenge was to deploy multiple business units with minimal hardware resources, while considering capacity isolation between instances and room for rapid growth in the future.


An OceanBase cluster is deployed, which allows the creation of multiple tenants and the allocation of instance resources based on service links. This implements kernel-level resource isolation and scheduling within one cluster.


  • The native high-availability capability of OceanBase helps achieve rapid business recovery from downtime and network exceptions.
  • With OceanBase's multitenant and multiserver architecture, excellent capacity isolation is implemented between different business links, providing an effective guarantee for site scale-out during massive promotions and stable operation of key services.