OceanBase Helps DANA Make Business Breakthroughs

  • Data loss


  • Database downtime


  • Hybrid cloud deployment

  • Horizontal Scalability

DANA is one of the leading wallet providers in Indonesia. DANA provides digital payment and financial services to more than 50 million users of BBM, the second largest chat tool in Indonesia.

Business Challenges

  • With rapid growth of DANA Wallet's business, its initial small-scale cluster architecture has urgent needs to increase capacity. However, the asynchronous replication in the MySQL architecture cannot guarantee a high success rate and data consistency in the high-availability switchover.


  • Based on OceanBase Database's 3-replica architecture, DANA deployed 2 replicas in the local IDC and 1 replica on the public cloud to build a hybrid cloud infrastructure, based on OceanBase Database's 3-replica architecture.
  • OceanBase Database's native horizontal scalability enables the upgrade from the 3-node cluster (1-1-1) to the 6-node cluster (2-2-2) without business interruption, significantly improving performance and capacity.
  • OceanBase Migration Service (OMS) migrated hundreds of instances from the MySQL database to OceanBase Database on the public cloud.


OceanBase Database helps DANA make business breakthroughs with its features such as elastic horizontal scalability, high availability, and financial-grade data consistency.

Since its business migration from MySQL to OceanBase Database in 2019, DANA no longer suffers from capacity and availability issues and is able to fully cope with its rapid business growth.


OceanBase Database now supports tens of millions of DANA users. The year 2020 has witnessed zero database failure and zero data loss, as well as an overall business system availability of over 99.99%.


DANA's third IDC under construction is built on the public cloud, which truly realizes a tri-IDC hybrid cloud deployment and further improves disaster recovery capability and service availability.


With a comprehensive OceanBase Database training program based on theory and practice, DANA has developed a local team of OceanBase Database administrators (DBAs).