Distributed Database Deals with Large Scale Traffic Surge

  • RPO


  • Data compression


  • RTO

    < 3 min

Founded in 1999, Trip.com Group is an online ticketing service company headquartered in Shanghai, China. As a leading platform for hotel booking in China, Trip.com has partnered with more than 600,000 hotels all over the world, and went public on Nasdaq in December 2003. On October 29, 2019, the company officially rebranded as Trip.com Group. On April 19, 2021, Trip.com was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Business Challenges

  • 1

    The large-scale business traffic of customer service exceed the data storage limitation in MySQL, which can only covers the data storage for two months.

  • 2

    The active and standby architecture of MySQL is unable to expand storage by horizontal scale out.

  • 3

    The active and standby architecture of MySQL cannot guarantee the data consistency and rapid failover in case of a IDC failure.


  • OceanBase replaces MySQL with nearly 85% data compression capability to cover the data storage for one year, compared with 2 months before.
  • The horizontal scale out capability of OceanBase can deal with the business by adding or reducing machines without business interruption.
  • The multi-replica consistency by Paxos consensus guarantees RPO=0, RTO<3mins.
  • The data migration and synchronization capabilities of OceanBase Migration Service (OMS) ensures the smooth and stable database switchovers.



More than one year of data storage capability can be obtained under the same hardware investment.


Automatic failover to improve the rapid recovery capability for nodes or IDC failure, and ensure SLA.


Strong data consistency, and reduce the risk of data loss.


The ultra-high compression ratio, multiple replicas, and strong consistency of OceanBase improve the quality of customer services and reduce the cost.