OceanBase Helps Sinopec Build a Next-Gen Intelligent Fuel Card System in a Distributed Architecture

  • 800%Reduction in storage cost

  • 99.99%Business availability

  • 50,000Transactions per minute

China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec) is the successor of the former China Petrochemical Corporation established in July 1983. Sinopec is now the largest supplier of refined oil and petrochemical products and the second-largest oil and gas producer in China. It is also the largest refining company and the third largest chemical engineering company in the world. Sinopec operates the second largest number of gas stations in the world and ranked second among the 2019 Fortune 500 companies across the globe.


  • 1. Outdated system architecture
    • The initial fuel card system failed to support the Internet-based marketing service and business model innovation. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, a next-generation smart gas station is anticipated to be established, enabling Sinopec's transformation into a comprehensive life service provider. 
  • 2. Insufficient database capabilities
    • As a wider range of sectors applies and utilizes various types of data more profoundly, there is an expectation for new features from a database. The original heterogeneous and dispersed database failed to meet the transformation requirements for low systemic risk, easy management and O&M, and business innovation.


  • 1. Lossless migration from Oracle ensured by high compatibility
    • OceanBase Database is highly compatible with conventional centralized databases and helps Sinopec migrate its applications from Oracle and Sybase databases without data loss. A transition solution is provided to minimize business interruptions.
  • 2. A large multitenant cluster
    • The original fuel card system consists of 23 standalone Sybase and Oracle databases, each operated and maintained by respective provincial branches. The solution aggregates those standalone databases into one distributed OceanBase cluster, whose architecture integrates data, platform, and applications. 


  • 1. Cost reduction
    • The aggregation of 23 separate databases into one OceanBase cluster results in a significant reduction in software, hardware, and O&M costs, thereby achieving an 8-fold decrease in storage expenses.
  • 2. Efficiency improvement
    • OceanBase empowers Sinopec to offer the fuel card service for about 30,000 gas stations nationwide. The upload time for transaction records has been significantly reduced from nearly a day to just a few seconds, catering to the daily handovers and reporting requirements. The data query time is shortened from several minutes to several seconds, allowing up to 50,000 business transactions per minute.
  • 3. Reliability
    • The time required for failure recovery has been significantly reduced from hours to minutes, thereby enhancing business availability up to 99.99%. Additionally, the new solution also meets Level 3 security requirements in MLPS 2.0.
  • 4. Transformation
    • Users can instantly receive e-coupons and discounts and choose from multiple payment options, which is a significant step in transforming Sinopec into a comprehensive life service provider.