OceanBase Database

The ideal solution for running OceanBase on-premises or in your private and hybrid clouds, allowing you to manage the entire OceanBase lifecycle seamlessly.

Key Features

The open source distributed SQL database has been supporting Alibaba's Double Eleven Shopping Festival for 11 years, designed to deliver ultra-fast performance, elastic scalability, and cost-effectiveness for your transaction and analytical workloads.

Transparent Scalability

OceanBase provides transparent scalability and automatic workload balancing capabilities. Up until now, an OceanBase cluster can be scaled out to 1,500 nodes transparently, handling petabytes of data and a trillion rows of records.

Ultra-fast Performance

Oceanbase has been supporting the Double 11 Shopping Festival for nine consecutive years, at 61 milion records per sec QPS, which is dozens of times larger than the Black Friday traffic.

Real-time Operational Analytics

A unified system for both transactional and real-time operational analytics workloads; enterprise-level optimizer supports complex SQL processing.

Continuous Availability

OceanBase adopts Paxos Consensus algorithm to achieve Zero RPO and less than 8 seconds of RTO, meaning no data loss in case of a failure or outage, even at a city level.

MySQL Compatible

Oceanbase is highly compatible with several stable MySQL editions, as well as its ecosystem tools. No learning curve for developers, nor business logic changes to applications.

Cost Effeciency

With the high-compression technology adopted, the OceanBase Database can reduce storage costs by 70%-90% for you in common cases. In addition, the multi-tenancy flexibility enables better resource utilization, thus reducing costs.

The OceanBase Ecosystem

The OceanBase database is designed to easily connect with the big data technology and supports various graphics development tools, maintenance and monitoring tools, and data migration tools.

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