Unleash the Value of Data and Accelerate the Development of Enterprises

In this white paper, IDC provides you with a bird's view about the status quo of the distributed database market in China, as well as a buyers' guide of distributed databases.

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Content overview

In this white paper, IDC describes the development of distributed databases in China, which can be referred to by the rest of the world.

The white paper consists of the following chapters:

  1. Prioritize database development, and lay a solid foundation for scientific and effective data management
    1. Good data management is the prerequisite for enterprises to achieve digital innovation
    2. Enterprises prioritize increasing investment in database and focus on high availability, high performance, and scalability
  2. Enterprise database applications and challenges
    1. The relational database market grows steadily
    2. Enterprise databases need to be upgraded to adapt to the complicated data environment and accelerating innovation in business and technology
  3. Distributed database powers enterprise  digital transformation
    1. Basic feature and advantage of the distributed database
    2. Drivers and practices strategies for enterprises to adopt the distributed database
    3. Typical application scenarios and industries of the distributed database
    4. Challenges for enterprises to apply the distributed database
    5. Prospects and trends of the distributed database
  4. IDC suggestions
  5. Best practices on the distributed database

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