Enterprise Guide to Fintech Database Management

OceanBase's white paper introduces how to help fintech companies provide cost optimized solutions in data management.

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Content overview

The global fintech sector experienced accelerated growth in 2020 due to the pandemic, but 2023 brings funding challenges, slowing momentum, and an uncertain global economic outlook owing to rising interest rates and geopolitical tensions.

In response to this, fintech companies have needed to further optimise costs and pursue mergers and acquisitions for consolidation and integration. Equally, regulatory environments are evolving, with a focus on compliance and tighter rules for certain sectors.

Database management solutions are playing an increasingly important role for fintechs looking to optimise their costs, innovate their product and accelerate their growth hacking amidst the current macroeconomic backdrop.

OceanBase is a high performance, reliable, and effective database management solution tailored to the challenges of the global fintech sector. It powers Alipay’s, DANA’s and GCash’s e-wallets, and holds the world records for TCP-H and TPC-C benchmark tests.

OceanBase has already helped over 400 customers to migrate their core systems from legacy data platforms, by offering them flexible deployment options, seamless scalability, and highperformance analytics. By reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), OceanBase enables fintechs to keep their cost per transaction optimal and maintain healthy operating margins.

Table of Contents

  1. Global Challenges
    1. Macroeconomic environment
    2. Microeconomic environment
    3. Fintech verticals
    4. Global fintech
    5. Oceanbase positioning and solutions
  2. Scaling flexibly with quick migration : a reactive database
    1. Case study for hyper growth and resilience : Alipay
  3. An agile database solution
    1. Case study for an agile database : DANA
  4. Cost optimisation : compression , consolidation and multi-tenant architecture
    1. Case study for compression : GCash

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