Native Distributed Database Leads the Trends of Data Management Technology

Gartner's white paper on the trends of data management technology shows that native distributed database is becoming the first choice for enterprises to upgrade core systems.

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Content overview

Enterprises are facing lots of challenges in the current process of data processing.

Limited scalability. The increased data needs to be supported by corresponding storage capacity and computing power, so a higher level of scalability is needed.

Data silos. Due to the limited scalability of traditional database structures, most enterprises use multiple sets of databases of various types to meet the business demand, so the business data are distributed in many separated databases of different business systems.

Lack of analysis capability. As the amount of data rapidly increases, data analysis capability is becoming more and more important.

Difficulties in the migration to the cloud. In the early information process of enterprises, many information systems were built based on traditional databases and involved multiple business fields. It will be very difficult for these databases to migrate to cloud databases.

This white paper is trying to answer the following questions:

  1. How to solve the above problems?
  2. What are the trends of data management systems?
  3. How enterprises should plan for optimal multicloud and intercloud data management systems?

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